Hand crafted one of a kind wood turned pieces from our workshop in Killorglin, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Here at BB Turning we pride ourselves on producing one of a kind wood turned items of exceptional quality. Our speciality items are bespoke wood turned bowl made from exotic woods, each one produced in our small workshop and finished to a high standard. We use both Native Irish wood along with rare and beautiful exotics from around the world. Our wood is exclusively sourced from trees that were toppled in storms or removed due to being dangerous, we never cut down a tree for wood. All of our pieces are hand turned , we do not use copiers or C&C machines. All our bowls are finished with certified food safe products and we do not use varnish of any kind on any of our pieces. Each bespoke piece is one of a kind and unavailable anywhere else. Our promise is that a turning by B B Turning will be the only one like it in the world.

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